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Our names are Bailey and Tate. We are VERY passionate about the memories to be made throughout our journeys in life. As we've enjoyed these marvelous journeys in our beautiful world, we've been inspired to help others. We hope to help each and every one of you, either in person, or through our perfect little Boodee Buddees. Each bag has been designed and perfected with you in mind. We ensure the quality, functionality, style, and accessibility you deserve as a wonderful human being with your many important things!

Despite being a young married couple still struggling to make it through school, we have chosen to follow our dreams and learn from our mistakes and successes. We hope each of you will feel our love to be the Buddee we all need.



 In 2016 I was a young 18-year-old kid living in El Salvador, a developing country with dirt roads and a simple lifestyle. I walked the streets 10 hours a day looking for service opportunities to help empower the lives of those who struggled to meet their daily needs. I fell in love with the children and many families who welcomed me into their homes with open arms. 

The daily struggle I encountered as I walked the streets for miles each day, was finding a convenient place to put my personal items. Pockets were never enough, backpacks made me hot and sweaty, and drawstring bags were not sufficiently sturdy. 

On February 1, 2016 I had a dream that I remember perfectly clear to this day. I dreamed of a perfect side bag made with the finest materials, sleek design, and  the words "BOODEE BUDDEE" along the strap.

After years of work, research, designs, and sampling, my wife - Bailey and I are blessed to make this dream a reality. Bailey, is the true genius behind the simple yet fashionable creation of our bags, because of her, many dreams of mine have come true. 

Be kind. And remember everyone needs a BUDDEE! 

 - Tate & Bailey